Solstice Party Happy Winter!

December 23, 2017 – December 24, 2017 all-day

Ski along the Bunny Loop and test your wintery wisdom. Maybe you will capture a snowflake or try your hand at making your own unique snowflake!

Open House at XC Shelter Fat, Feathers and Fur or Blubber and You Would you be able to survive outside during our harsh Northwoods winter? Ski out along the Cookie Loop to the Nature Shelter and learn about the great lengths that animals go through to survive the long, cold winter.

Scrabble Trail Ever play a board game along a ski trail? Here’s a chance to challenge your intellect as well as your ski legs! Pick up a letter tile at 7 stops along the Otter 9K Trail. Once you get back to the Chalet create your highest scoring word and enter it on the scoreboard. Highest score will win a prize.

Kid Craft Help us decorate our tree. Kids of all ages can get creative and make easy, do-it-yourself holiday decorations. Check out the Kid’s Corner in the Chalet.